How To Improve Food And Beverage Sales At Your Restaurant

You’re stuck for ideas to increase the sales of food and beverages at your restaurant? We are here to assist you. You can use these ten tips right away without spending much time or money.

How To Improve Food And Beverage Sales: 10 Actionable Tips

1. Food delivery and pickup is available

Want to know how you can increase your food and beverage sales? Open your restaurant up to a whole new revenue stream – online ordering.

You can only sell so much if your restaurant is small and has limited table space.

Your sales will soar if you expand your business by offering delivery and pickup online. You can sell drinks such as wine and beer to-go. If you are planning to sell beer in cans, you should make sure that the cans you use are of high quality.

You can sell food and beverages online with a simple, free and easy to use online ordering system.

In just 10 minutes, you can enable free online ordering in your restaurant by following the instructions below:

You can unlock a number of features to help you sell more.

  • Scheduled orders to make money 24/7
  • Reservation widget for free tables
  • Pre-ordering food for table reservations
  • Delivery and pickup at curbside is available with no-contact.
  • Promo templates

2. Tableside ordering is a great way to improve your business.

You can serve your customers more quickly by eliminating the waiting time for the menu or the server to take orders, or to bring them the check.

With a QR-code menu that allows you to order and pay at the table, all of this can be avoided. The code allows customers to browse the menu and order their food without having to interact with a server.

3. Menu bundles.

You can increase food and beverage sales by grouping them into affordable menu bundles and combo deals .

Customers always look for value. This could be a meal package containing two main courses and two drinks, at a set price, or a deal on a main course and drink combination.

Add them to your menu at the top so that customers won’t miss them.

4. Customize your meals.

Don’t create a long menu that takes customers minutes to read. To sell more food and beverages, create a limited selection and offer customization options.

Allow customers to customize their orders by adding toppings, options, sides, and add-ons. This will ensure that they get what they want. This is a great way to upsell and cross-sell, which will encourage them to spend more.

5. Catering to dietary preferences and restrictions.

A second benefit of customizing a dish is that the customer can select exactly what ingredients they prefer. They can, for example, choose not to include meat in their dish.

Add at least one vegan and vegetarian option, along with dairy-free and GF options to your menu. Label dishes with icons such as gluten-free or nut-free.

Drinks: Make sure you have a few non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks on the menu.

Add allergens and nutritional information on the menu so that health-conscious customers can make an informed decision about what to order.

6. Takeaway friendly signature drinks.

Create new, creative cocktails that are different from the standard ones. Ask your bartender for some creative drinks with fun names to attract customers.

Do not leave out clients who prefer to order from home. Sell your drinks in mason jars or bottles to make them easy to take away.

7. Discounts and promotions.

What can you do to increase food and beverage sales if all else fails? Add a promotion that is hard to resist!

Consider your own buying behavior. You’re more likely to buy something if you can get a great deal. Your customers are too. You can try out some ideas for promotion.

  • Orders above a certain amount will receive 5% off the total value of your cart
  • Enjoy 10% off on any dessert or beverage
  • Orders above a certain amount qualify for free delivery
  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Online orders are eligible for a 5% discount off the total value of your cart.
  • All orders above $20 get a free drink

8. Add some snacks to your menu.

Snacks are a great way to increase sales of drinks. Customers tend to buy more drinks when they nibble on salty snack foods. They may also become hungry and order a full meal.

Serve classic snacks such as nachos or popcorn.

9. Train your staff to cross-sell and upsell.

This is done online by the choices and add-ons. Your servers can encourage customers to order by suggesting drinks that go well with the food they are ordering or asking them if they want fries.

To be able make informed suggestions, they must know the menu from top to bottom. Make sure they understand the taste of each menu item so that they can describe it correctly to customers.

Motivate your employees with bonuses and rewards. This is a win-win scenario!

10. Food images that are professional can attract customers’ attention.

A great food photo can be the difference between the customer adding an item to their shopping cart and them leaving. Do not underestimate the power of photography in making your menu a star.

Include high-quality photos of your food on your website, social media, and menu. Your customers will want to eat your food faster than you can even say “cheese.”


Your restaurant will become more popular if you learn how to increase food and beverage sales. This will also contribute to the long-term success of your business. You can also boost your restaurant’s sales with the help of marketing and technology that is affordable.

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